Product Feature:
NEW - GW1000
DF1 Interface to DH+ GW1000-DHP1
and AB Ethernet to AB’s DH+ Network

ASCII Interface to DH+
AB Replacements
AB 1770-KF2 AB 1770-KF3
SST 5136-SD AB 1784-pktx
AB 1784-PCMK AB 1784-ktx
Gateway to Ethernet TCP/IP
Ethernet TCP/IP to DH+
Ethernet TCP/IP to DH-485
Link to Ethernet /IP
Bridge to Modbus TCP /IP
DF1 Converter to AB
Ascii Converter to DH
Protocol Converter to Modbus
DataLink Products

Check out our latest GW1000 Controllers:

DL-GW1000-ABEIP - Both Ethernet/IP and AB Ethernet to AB’s DH+ Network

Serial/USB to DH+ & DH-485
GW1000-DHP1 - DF1 Interface to DH+
GW1000-DHPA - ASCII Interface to DH+
GW1000-DHPM - Modbus Interface to DH+
GW1000-DH4851 - DF1 Interface to DH-485
GW1000-DH485A - ASCII Interface to DH-485
GW1000-DH485M - Modbus Interface to DH-485

Ethernet to DH+ & DH-485
GW1000-DHPE - Ethernet TCP/IP interface to DH+
GW1000-DH485E - Ethernet TCP/IP interface to DH-485
GW1000-DHPEIP - Ethernet/IP interface to DH+
GW1000-DH485EIP - Ethernet/IP interface to DH-485
GW1000-DHPME - ModTCP interface to DH+
GW1000-DH485ME - ModTCP interface to DH-485

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GW1000 Controllers
Serial/USB to DH+ & DH-485:
Ethernet to DH+ & DH-485:
Modbus Connectivity
SLC Gateways
Connect to Ethernet tcp/ip
Connect to Ethernet IP
PLC Gateways
Serial (DF1, Modbus, ASCII) gateway to PLC5 on DH+
AB Ethernet 2222 Gateway to PLC-5 on DH+
AB Ethernet/IP Gateway to PLC-5 on DH+
Ethernet TCP/IP gateway to PLC5 on DH+
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