Product Feature:
NEW - GW1000
DF1 Interface to DH+ GW1000-DHP1
and AB Ethernet to AB’s DH+ Network

ASCII Interface to DH+
AB Replacements
AB 1770-KF2 AB 1770-KF3
SST 5136-SD AB 1784-pktx
AB 1784-PCMK AB 1784-ktx
Gateway to Ethernet TCP/IP
Ethernet TCP/IP to DH+
Ethernet TCP/IP to DH-485
Link to Ethernet /IP
Bridge to Modbus TCP /IP
DF1 Converter to AB
Ascii Converter to DH
Protocol Converter to Modbus
Connect PC / Laptop to AB DH+ / DH-485

DataLink Solutions for your Application:
Q: I just bought a new PC and discovered that it has a smaller PCI slot that the 1784-PKTx card doesn't support. Can you help me out?

A: DataLink can provide an external, palm-sized, USB GW1000-DHP1 controller to solve that problem or via Remote Ethernet programming with the GW1000-ABEIP.

Q: We are looking for a system to take some downtime information off of several Micrologix PLCs and link them to a SLC 5/04 PLC .

A: We have two possible solution for this application:
This solution will enable the Micrologix via Channel 0 (DF1) to become a node on DH+.

This solution will allow the Micrologix (Ethernet/IP) to message PLCs on DH+.

Q: I would like to interface my Modbus TCP/IP Network to AB’s Data Highway Plus DH+ so I could extend the life of my PLC’s without Ethernet Interfaces? Do you have a product that will do this?

A: Yes, our GW1000-MODTCP.

Q: Why would I go with your GW1000-ABEIP instead of upgrading all my AB Equipment (ie. PLC5s) to Ethernet/IP?

A: Cost. You only need one GW1000-ABEIP per DH+ at a cost of $1,495 list. You don't have to upgrade each PLC5 processor on DH+ to a PLC5E . This can save significant money if you have a big DH+ Network. This functionality allows RSLinx/RSLogix on Ethernet/IP have access to all the nodes on your DH+.

More About the GW1000-ABEIP:
DataLink now offers the GW1000-ABEIP that significantly reduces your AB Ethernet upgrading costs as you don't need to replace each DH+ PLC processor/device.

Simply make the GW1000-ABEIP a node on DH+ and then interface to your AB Ethernet. AB PLC users can interface bi-directionally between Allen-Bradley Data Highway Plus (DH+) / DH-485 and AB Ethernet (CIP & 2222 protocols).

Q: How do I interface a legacy PLC-5 / SLC 5/04 via DH+ to AB’s Ethernet/IP or Ethernet TCP/IP?

A: Our GW1000-ABEIP will allow RSlinx & RSLogix to access DH+ via Ethernet TCP/IP.

Product Testimonal:
The GW1000-DHP1 is keeps on running in the most disgusting, hazardous environment you could ever imagine. We didn't even know what the controller was because of all the messy residue covering the just keeps on working. J.S. , Gas Material Corporation.

More About DataLink Technologies:
Interfacing PC's, SCADA Systems, AB PLC's, SLC's, computers, modems, variable speed drives and OEM equipment to Modicon's Modbus, Allen-Bradley's Data Highway Plus (DH+), DH-485, and Remote I/O. Interfacing Industrial Ethernet (Ethernet I/P, TCP/IP, Modbus TCPIP), Profibus, and DeviceNet protocols. See our complete product index and our best seller list.

Datalink is in your industry!
Industries served include Food and Beverage, Metals and Mining, Petrochemicals, Oil and Gas, Pharmaceuticals, Conveying Systems, Forest Products, Pulp and Paper Mills, Bulk Handling, Loading and Unloading Facilities, etc.

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